Sunday, January 30, 2011

Carousel Boys

Last night we went to the mall to let Luke play in the mall play place.

Note to self: DON'T go to the mall on Saturday night. Too many annoying teenagers.

However, there were way too many kids and he wasn't really digging it so we wandered around and got to the big carousel by the Food Court and Luke was mesmerized. And being the wonderful parents we are (pssshhhh, yeah right) we decided it would be fun to let him ride.

Luke wasn't too sure how he felt actually being on one of the horses. The best was his face when it first started and after that he pretty much had no expression. Oh well.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My husband, the builder

Drew has a new obsession:


I got him this one for his stocking a couple years ago:

And then this one for his stocking this year:

And now, just TWO weeks after Christmas, this is what's happened:

Oh my.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Four Years and Going Strong

Drew and I celebrated our four-year anniversary on the 29th.

He has to stay in hotels for work sometimes and he had a free night saved up at a Marriot! Woohoo! So we dropped the little guy off with the grandparents and we went first to Olive Garden for dinner (Drew's work paid for it! Sweet!), then to the hotel where we went swimming in the indoor pool. Pretty awesome.

{the indoor pool}

Happy four years to us!

Here are some old photos of us for your viewing pleasure!

{during our dating stint at BYU}

{telling the fam we're getting married}

{this picture was on the front of our wedding announcement}

{together FOREVER!}

Some things we've done in the past four years:

-We've each gotten our Bachelor's degree
-Moved 8 times since we've been married
-Lived in New York
-Moved to Texas
-Drew's gotten his first "real" job
-Had a baby
-Put a down payment on a house (it didn't go through)
-Went to Myrtle Beach twice on vacation
-Kathryn's been a bridesmaid twice
-Drew tore his ACL
-We're pregnant again
-And many more things. But we've been through everything together, which makes it worth it/bearable. I love my husband very much!!