Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Miss Gracie Lou!!

My sweet baby girl is 2 today!! Wow. I remember all the details still from 2 years ago: going in at 5am for my induction, playing the waiting game, getting drugged up...ahhh, the memories. It was ALL worth it for my sweet little girl. Here's a little walk down memory lane...

Newborn - 1


Happy birthday, Gracie!! She is such a sweet little girl. She is pretty feisty but not to the point of not listening to me. She's so super smart. She's a mommy and daddy's girl right now but I can see her leaning towards her daddy :) 

Her favorites:
Food: Pasta, peas, chocolate, pizza, eggs, pancakes...lots & lots of different things!
Movie: Toy Story, Tangled
Book: Dr. Seuss books
Toy: Stuffed animals (esp. doggies & dollies)
Friend: She just has so many:)
Color: Pink?
Outfit: Anything with her pink cowboy boots.
Thing to say: Ok, no, Guke (aka Luke)