Monday, November 30, 2009

Luke's First Thanksgiving

Crawling to Grandma and Grandpa Pepper.

A relative at Thanksgiving dinner. He was very interested in Luke.

Being handsome.

Luke's Thanksgiving outfit courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa Salas

Happy Birthday, Dad Pepper!

The turkeys after they played Turkey Bowl. I told them to act like they just won.

This isn't Thanksgiving but I love this picture. Me and my sweet boy.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Latest.

Luke is nine months old! Craziness. Here a few pics of what's been going on recently.

Friday, November 13, 2009

New Website and a Trip to College Station

Well, I would like to announce that I started a new blog with some of my buddies:

It's where we go and review books for each other. Mainly it's because that's all we do with our time these days, but I also realized it's kind of cool to see all the books I've read (recently). So, if you want a good book but you're unsure what direction you want to go, check out our blog. It may give you some inspiration.

Also, Drew, Luke, and I took a trip to College Station to check out Kevin and Martha's new pad! We loved it; it's so fun and original. It was built in the 60s or 70s, so it's definitely not a cookie-cutter type of house. And we went and explored Texas A&M, where Kevin is going for his Ph.D. And then we headed for Austin so Drew could work a couple of days! It was a fun little adventure.Luke loves hangin' at Kevin and Martha's crib!

He also loved their chair that converted into a baby bowl.

Hey, Uncle Kevin, what are you looking at?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Breakfast Debacle

Our little family is in Austin right now because Drew had to come down here and work a little bit. Yesterday I noticed there is an Einstein Bros. Bagel shop close to our hotel. I immediately made a mental reminder to go there later because I LOVE their bagels. So this morning we get up early and head over there before going to an area Drew has to work. Drew orders the two bagels (99 cents each) and then asks for cream cheese on them.

"Okay, the total will be $5.something at the first window."
"Okay, thanks," says Drew. Then he looks at me. What the heck did we just order?! We decided there must have been a mistake with our order. I mean, we could buy half a dozen bagels for that much!

We get up to the window and again he tells Drew the amount.

"Um, what did I order?" Drew asks.
"A plain bagel with cream cheese and a cinnamon sugar bagel with cream cheese," the employee responds.
"How much is the cream cheese?"
"A bagel with cream cheese is $2.something"
"The junk you spread on top is $2.something?" Drew asks incredulously.
At this point I tell Drew to skip the cream cheese. We'll eat them plain. We drive off laughing. Who can afford to spend nearly $6 on two bagels? Who would want to? Granted, their Schmear is delicious, but for goodness' sakes. Maybe tomorrow we'll just grab the complimentary breakfast from the hotel. Maybe we should have done that today.

To see their tasty menu, click here.

Monday, November 2, 2009

CRAZY weekend

Not only was this weekend Luke's first Halloween, but it was Drew's birthday! There was so much to do (and too much money spent!) ! So, Friday night was Trunk or Treat and we got there a little late so we didn't get to pass out any of our candy. We opted for promenading Luke around the string of cars instead. Then Saturday I made Drew cinnamon rolls (Pillsbury) for breakfast and then he tried to get the oil changed in the van but it was too long of a wait so we ended up wandering the mall for a little bit and then we went to TGI Friday's for lunch because Drew got a gift card there. I asked the waitress to sing him happy birthday and when they came over Drew told them he was turning 21. What a dork.

Sidnote: Why is Halloween the time for girls to dress like ho bags? Seriously! The waitresses at TGI Friday's were GROSS. Mean Girls was right: it's a time for girls to dress in lingerie and get away with it.

Anyway, then that night we went to Mansfield's Fall Festival and walked around there and then hit up Taco Bell and got a Black Jack taco for free. Then we went home and had ONE knock on the door for candy. That's it. That's what I get for living in an apartment complex with a gate. I was soooo sad! And now we're stuck with all that dang candy! Blast it all.

THEN, on Sunday it was Drew's birthday! 26!!! Although it was fast Sunday, so he didn't get breakfast. But for dinner I made bratwurtz and potato salad and smoothies and his parents came over and we played games and hung out and it was FUN. All things Drew likes. And he got a cookie cake and lots of presents. For all the awesome pictures, go to Facebook.

The Pepper baby and Mama.

A flying Pepper and an extremely handsome cowboy.

Happy Birthday, Drew! I love you soooooo much!!!