Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hill Yeah, Shih Tzu and other gems

My wife likes to fake swear sometimes. I'm not sure why. I'm not sure exactly how she developed this habit (probably something to do with a combination of Ghetto California and her other Mormon girl friends). Sometimes she does it on purpose. Sometimes she does it on accident, but either way, it usually makes me laugh. She is a sweet lady, but sometimes she just goes off and fake cuss words come sprawling out like a leaky facet.

So my question: Are fake cuss words bad, and are some worse than others?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trip to Los Angeles?!

The Pepper family received a post card from Sarah at Family Feud this week. The official post card does not mean we will be on the show yet, but receiving the post card is the way Family Feud notifies you that your family is in the database of potential families to come on the show. According to Sarah, you only get a post card if they would be completely comfortable and willing to have you on the show. Taping ends in December, so if we don't get scheduled before December, then are chances of being on the show are slim. But it is still exciting to get the "call-backs" post card and know we have a good chance still.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Send Us to LA!!! C'mon John O'Hurley!!!

So, last Saturday we had the opportunity of a lifetime. Mama Pepper, Dad Pepper, Kevin, Drew and I went to Grand Prairie to audition for...


There is honestly no other family that deserved to be on the show as much as we did. Well, okay, there was this family called the Greathouses and they were pretty bomb diggety themselves. And we didn't actually sit and watch all the people but I know that we are a shoe-in. If we don't get in, I don't know what they wanted. But they had a mock Family Feud-ish table set up and they called up two families and had us go against each other for a round. There were about 30 families there. Fortunately for us, we had a pretty laid back family to go against. We were high-fiving and screaming and jumping up and down and the other family was just standing there smiling. BORING. We basically rocked da house.

This is us by the tables we played at. This is a group of people hoping to go to LA and be on Family Feud!! The Greathouses are the ones in the back on the left. They were pretty awesome.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Oh no you didn't! (Or, our 4th of July)

We spent July 4 weekend doing a few things. We slept in (like everyday these days), we had a waffle breakfast, then we took a nap (like everyday these days), then we went swimming, then we BBQed, and then we went and saw fireworks in Mansfield. (Did I mention we are both unemployed? We like to refer to it as a "little vacation.") While we were at the fireworks show, we tried to take a picture of our family. After that, Kathryn and I tried to take a picture, and it didn't work out so well - this was the result. I love this creepy picture. After the fireworks show, we asked my brother to take a picture of us. As we were clearly posed and Kevin was clearly ready to snap the photo, this fine citizen strolled on through the picture. I didn't think he was going to do it, but he did. And the look on Kathryn's face is priceless. I think that is a "I'm-trying-to-smile-but-I-am-also-getting-mad-that-you-are-ruining-
charity-by-not-smashing-your-face-in" face. I really like it. Charity never faileth.