Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Texas Trip (One)

This is one of a couple of posts I'll have to do about our Texas trip. On our way there we stopped in Bessemer, AL for the night. The kids were really, really good. I'm talking no fits or random outbursts or temper tantrums. Gracie had the hardest time because she doesn't like TV as much as Luke but she was fine.

Okay, for this first installment, I wanted to post on how much work Drew's mom put into her house for our visit. Drew and I were BLOWN away. Seriously. Check it.


Gracie's princess-themed pack & play.

Luke's Toy Story bed


Then as you head upstairs, you see this poster and those little shelves with Toy Story characters

Look at all those toys! Grandma Pepper has been collecting toys for a while in preparation for our visit!

This was Gracie's side, obviously. There was a baby doll in a car seat, a high chair, a play baby swing, a kitchen, and Snow White with a little cottage. And yes, Luke is playing with Gracie's toys. It happens.

The sign over one of the doors

I just love how Dad Pepper is looking at Gracie in this picture.

And of course the upstairs bathroom had to be cute!

Slinky Dog is guarding the toilet. Or drinking from it.

Gracie loved Luke's old rocking horse (despite the look on her face here).


And the backyard wonderland. Unfortunately we only got to play with them for 2 days but Luke loooooved it!!

More to come...