Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Time!!!

Yeah, yeah, Thanksgiving was great. Wonderful food! Oh man, we should have more holidays revolving around eating. Actually, aren't most holidays saturated with food of some kind? Anywho...I am so excited for


Normally, I'm pretty chill about Christmas. It's probably my pregnant hormones, but I is supa excited this year! Just think:

Chilliness -- I can actually appreciate the chilliness because I don't live in Utah anymore where you have to broom off your car in the morning. Texas chilliness is way better than Utah chilliness.

Christmas lights -- Okay, so we're probably better off energy-wise without Christmas lights, but I think they're just pretty.

Presents! -- I love presents. Drew and I got all our shopping done today so I wrapped all the presents and they were so pretty and I wanted to give them to everyone right then. I'm excited for people to open our presents!!

Anyway, Christmas is here. I'm excited. I love feeling the spirit of Christmas. I especially love seeing Nativities because I know that some people remember the true meaning of Christmas. I love this time to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Woman appreciation

Shhhhhh! Don't tell her I posted this.

As I laid on our bed watching my wife get ready for church, I had a thought come to my mind. The thought went something like this, "Dang! I could never make myself that pretty!" With each eye brow pluck and smidgen of makeup, my appreciation began to grow. And then I thought, what lengths women must go to to impress and keep impressing men. I then asked my wife if she will get one side of her ready - so I could examine how getting ready for the day changes the woman I hang out with before its time to get ready. This is the picture I took. Kinda interesting, actually. I personally think she is beautiful both ways, but if you put your hand on one side of the picture and look, and then switch to the other side of the picture and look, you can see a difference.

Women, I feel bad for you. I hope we men will someday change our expectations, but until then, at least you won one man over this week in appreciating what females go through.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Drew!!!!

Today is Drew's birthday and I just wanted to tell him I love him tons and that he is the most amazing man in the entire universe!!!!! He is the bestest husband and I am so happy to know and be married to him. Happy 25th Birthday, honey!!!