Sunday, November 9, 2008

Woman appreciation

Shhhhhh! Don't tell her I posted this.

As I laid on our bed watching my wife get ready for church, I had a thought come to my mind. The thought went something like this, "Dang! I could never make myself that pretty!" With each eye brow pluck and smidgen of makeup, my appreciation began to grow. And then I thought, what lengths women must go to to impress and keep impressing men. I then asked my wife if she will get one side of her ready - so I could examine how getting ready for the day changes the woman I hang out with before its time to get ready. This is the picture I took. Kinda interesting, actually. I personally think she is beautiful both ways, but if you put your hand on one side of the picture and look, and then switch to the other side of the picture and look, you can see a difference.

Women, I feel bad for you. I hope we men will someday change our expectations, but until then, at least you won one man over this week in appreciating what females go through.

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