Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kathryn's Trip to Utah 2013

A while ago I got the idea to go to Utah because all of my siblings were going to be there for Thanksgiving/blessing of my brother's new baby. I was excited because my siblings are never together at the same time! So I booked a flight for just myself out to Utah for an entire week, including Thanksgiving day. I was sad I wasn't going to be with my lil family for Thanksgiving but this was such a good opportunity!

Then about a week or two before I was leaving my oldest brother realized him and his family couldn't make it. Boo! One of the biggest reasons I wanted to go to Utah was to tell my family I'm pregnant with baby #3. I still wanted to do that. I went about a day trying to decide if I still wanted to go or not but then realized it would still be a fun opportunity. I'm glad I did! I had a lot of fun.

Drew and the kids dropped me off at the airport and I cried. I mean, people were probably worried about me. I was not okay. I had to read to keep my mind off the kids because if I thought about them I would immediately start tearing up. I blame it on pregnancy hormones.

Then went on got to Salt Lake, I was greeted by this:

Yes, those are two of my OLDER brothers. I mean, who does this?! Crazy boys. Once we got my luggage, I told them that I was pregnant. It was all so much fun and so much embarrassment, all at the same time!

I got to meet my sweet niece, Charlotte, the next day. What a cutie! But she doesn't like me very much.

The day after I got there was Thanksgiving and there was lots of Salas family and loooots of amazing food!

Michael made some deeelish homemade rootbeer:

I made friends with lil Ollie (Nick's kid). I love him.

My dad brought some of his magic for Jamin but I think Luis (a full-grown adult!) was more impressed than Jamin!

Friday we went to Provo to visit my ol' Alma Mater...BYU! I love that place. Unfortunately, the Cougareat wasn't open but the bookstore was, so that was a win. 

 Cougar Creations: where I used to work! I loved working there!!

We drove past the under-construction Provo Temple. It's so weird to think of the old tabernacle as a temple because we went there a couple of times for concerts or church. It's looking amazing!

I HAD to stop and get some BYU Creamery chocolate milk! Yummmm!!!

From BYU we headed to Michael & Mamie's. They live just a couple of blocks from campus because Michael has been a law student at BYU for the past 3 years. However, he JUST finished and is officially all done!! So proud of him!!

Here's my dad with Bryton, Michael and Mamie's new lil baby!

Chelsea's princess mugshot:

Silly Jamin:

For dinner, I had to have an all-time fav:

And then later that night me and Nick, Stevie, and Johnny went to see Catching Fire! I was so excited and I really liked it. I loved that it was so close to the book. I also cried during the movie. I don't remember crying so much during my other pregnancies.

Saturday was Charlotte's blessing day! They had it in the church and then Nick and Jaime provided brunch afterwards. There was so much family there! (Mostly Jaime's :)

(Typical Salas picture)

(We missed Anthony & his sweet family!)

That night we went to Temple Square and the new mall there. It was COLD. But pretty. And packed with people. (Oh, also that day I got an iPhone. It's magical. I don't miss my old basic phone AT ALL.)

There was a Santa and Buddy the Elf there taking pictures and handing out "Santa money." Nick said he read the back of the "money" later and it was a message from a church that directed its readers to a website that's anti-Mormon. And these peeps were hanging out on Temple Square. Really Santa?!

Sunday morning my parents left bright and early. We went to Michael and Mamie's house for church. Then we hung out and had dinner and I spent the night there. I love this lil girl!!

After church on Sunday we walked by my old 'hood, The Colony! This is where Drew and I met, so it has a special place in my heart.

Then Monday they drove me up to my good friend Kellee's house. She had her tonsils taken out a couple of weeks earlier so she couldn't really talk. As in, she had a white board she had to write on to communicate. It was a little funny, but sad at the same time. I miss living by my old friends!!

Then it was back to Nick's house so he could take me to the airport! What a crazy and fun trip! I'm glad I went. I also REALLY missed my family. Maybe next time I'll cut down my vacation by a few days...if Drew ever lets me go on vacation by myself again ;)

Random crazy shots:

Captain America!! aka Ollie

There's something wrong with him.