Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer O' Fun!!

This summer is going to be off da hook! We are leaving in a week to go to California to see my little brother graduate and while we're there we're going to the beach! My brother and sister-in-law and niece live right next to the beach...awesome!! And then in July Drew has to go out to North Carolina for training and me, Luke, and Mama Pepper are going with him! We're going to hang out in North and South Carolina and end our trip with a visit to Myrtle Beach!! I'm so excited for all these fab beach trips! Plus Luke will be able to meet all of Drew's side of the family, so that will be pretty cool, too. Dang, I need to work on my beach bod.

Myrtle Beach and Grover Beach! Aren't they beeeautiful??

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Three Months Old!

Luke is three months old today!! He can smile and laugh and gurgle and coo and DEFINITELY scream. He is the apple of both mommy and daddy's eye. We love hanging out with Luke because he can interact with us more now! We love him so so so much.

Luke thinks the little light that flashes on our camera is very interesting.
He thinks I'm so funny sometimes.

He loves to laugh! He's such a doll.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why do I love Drew Pepper?...

Drew is gone this week for a business trip and I am missing him like CRAZY. I decided to list the reasons (in no particular order) why I love my wonderful husband so that other people understand why he is the BEST husband and friend in the world.

1. He loves me
2. He loves Luke
3. He has a strong testimony of the Gospel
4. He makes me laugh
5. He gives me massages after a rough day
6. He honestly thinks he loves me more (HA)
7. He is the BEST friend I have ever had
8. He watches stupid shows with me (The Bachelor, American Idol)
9. He is the one person I can't wait to talk to at the end of the day
10. He is the most handsome man EVER!

I love my husband!!