Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trip to Los Angeles?!

The Pepper family received a post card from Sarah at Family Feud this week. The official post card does not mean we will be on the show yet, but receiving the post card is the way Family Feud notifies you that your family is in the database of potential families to come on the show. According to Sarah, you only get a post card if they would be completely comfortable and willing to have you on the show. Taping ends in December, so if we don't get scheduled before December, then are chances of being on the show are slim. But it is still exciting to get the "call-backs" post card and know we have a good chance still.

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Renae said...

That would be so fun if you guys are on it. Definitely... keep the blog updated. If you are on the show, even though we don't have tv, we will totally figure out a way to watch the Pepper Family kick some Family Feud Butt. :)