Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Breakfast Debacle

Our little family is in Austin right now because Drew had to come down here and work a little bit. Yesterday I noticed there is an Einstein Bros. Bagel shop close to our hotel. I immediately made a mental reminder to go there later because I LOVE their bagels. So this morning we get up early and head over there before going to an area Drew has to work. Drew orders the two bagels (99 cents each) and then asks for cream cheese on them.

"Okay, the total will be $5.something at the first window."
"Okay, thanks," says Drew. Then he looks at me. What the heck did we just order?! We decided there must have been a mistake with our order. I mean, we could buy half a dozen bagels for that much!

We get up to the window and again he tells Drew the amount.

"Um, what did I order?" Drew asks.
"A plain bagel with cream cheese and a cinnamon sugar bagel with cream cheese," the employee responds.
"How much is the cream cheese?"
"A bagel with cream cheese is $2.something"
"The junk you spread on top is $2.something?" Drew asks incredulously.
At this point I tell Drew to skip the cream cheese. We'll eat them plain. We drive off laughing. Who can afford to spend nearly $6 on two bagels? Who would want to? Granted, their Schmear is delicious, but for goodness' sakes. Maybe tomorrow we'll just grab the complimentary breakfast from the hotel. Maybe we should have done that today.

To see their tasty menu, click here.


Sheri E. said...

That's ridiculous that a little amount of cream cheese costs more than a bagel. I wouldn't have paid for it either.

Chrissy Renae said...

ok i'm not going to lie, i indulged in the bagel and schmear plan like... every saturday for the whole summer. i realize i could have bought like a bagel factory with the money that was spent on those outings, but they're JUST SO GOOOOD.