Saturday, January 26, 2008

Drew and I went to the dollar theater last night and watched Dan in Real Life. It was really funny. We both enjoyed it a lot and Drew said the family in it reminded him of a Mormon family. There was practically no cussing or anything! After we went to the movies we decided to get some dinner at Cafe Rio. By this time it was already nine-thirty. Oh well. Who really cares about being healthy, right?

Anyway, this movie is a lot different from the other "family" movie we had watched: Juno. I liked Juno and Drew said he thought it was funny but there are some dirty things in it. Anyway, we wanted to recommend Dan in Real Life because it's a clean, funny movie. And because Steve Carell reminds us of Drew's dad. Just look at Steve Carell's face in the picture. That is such a Kevin Pepper face.

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