Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some Recent Things I Have Learned

It's true, you really do keep learning about your spouse the longer you are married to them. Honestly, I figured I had learned just about everything I could about Drew. We have recently been spending LOTS of time together, what both being unemployed and all.

Turns out there are some things I could learn. And where better to learn it than in his own home town, in his own home. One thing is that he knows how to play with those "Magic" cards. Um, I'm sorry, but I thought that was what "nerdy" kids did. Like the kids who went to the mall on Saturday afternoons and dueled with each other. Kevin pulled out some of his cards (that was a shock enough) but then when Drew started asking him questions and then actually volunteered to play with him...I was, to say the least, STARTLED. And slightly amused.

A few weeks ago, I also found out he loves Settlers of Catan. This game is perfectly legit (I think) but only because a lot of people at BYU liked it (including one of my best friends and roommates). Drew hadn't said anything about this game until a few Sundays ago when Kevin and Drew ganged up on me to play. I knew I hated the game. I tried to play once and I wanted to claw my eyes out of boredom. But, being the wonderful wife I am, I agreed. They promised it wouldn't take long. SEVERAL hours later, we were still playing it. To show the seriousness, my dad called on my in laws house phone because he hadn't heard from me all night. THAT is how long and depressing the game was.

Tonight, once again, they tried to rope me in. I successfully fended them off.

What is Drew going to pull out this next week? Or in the weeks to come? I don't even want to try to guess. It might turn out he's a closet Golden Girls fan or something. The surprises never cease.


Drew said...

To be honest, Kathryn has been a bit of a pill about trying new things lately. For instance, she will not play new games. Die Siedler von Cattan (Settlers) became a favorite board game of mine on my mission, when I learned how building cities and roads and stealing from other people can be enjoyable in an imaginary life. My brother taught me Magic as a young pup, and the knowledge has stuck with me. Kevin was playing in a tournament with some of his friends and I offered to play against him to see how well he would do. I was being a nice brother. While Kathryn was writing this horrible post about how she hates her well-rounded husband, I was trying to spend some quality time with my family. Now, who is the real monster?

randivon said...

This is C.J., not Randi. I just wanted to let Kathryn know how much this post meant to me... It took me back to high school and epic battles with my arch-nemesi the Peppers; it took me back to my mission and discovering the Siedler for the first time, and it finally took me back to an evening just after Randi and I were married, when her jaw dropped as I went to a "game night" and played both Settlers and Magic with my little brother. Take heart Kathryn, you are not alone.

randivon said...

PS- we need to have you over for racclette and/or fondue sometime before you get jobs and take off.

randivon said...

This is actually Randi. I smiled when CJ told me he commented on this blog. It is true... I have had many similar moments in my time of knowing CJ. And the slight embarrassment of telling people that my husband is off playing "Magic" has not quite gone away yet. But, I love him none the less and am glad he has these... um... outside interests. :-) We should get together sometime, though. That would be fun.

Kathryn said...

Well I'm glad someone knows what I am talking about. It's true though...even though the husband has these (new to you) interests, you still love 'em. Doesn't make it less shocking, though.