Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Blast

We had lots of fun this Christmas in Merced. Drew never had a chance to sit down because my brothers kept going to play football or basketball or some form of physical exertion. On Christmas Eve my little brother had his Eagle Court of Honor and I was so proud not only to see Steven getting his Eagle but also to see Drew in the "Eagle's Nest" looking handsome in his Scouting garb. I am so glad he is an Eagle Scout. I love him.

Christmas Day was fun. We had the traditional chorizo breakfast and then once all the family was assembled, we opened the presents. Well, Berlynn and Jamin opened presents. Most of the time was spent with Anthony and Natalie and Michael and Mamie helping their babies open the tons of presents they got. It was fun and later that day my Grandpa Frank and his girlfriend Pat came and we were able to eat dessert with them and have fun as a huge family.

The next day was my baby shower! My mom organized it and Mamie and Jamie and Natalie helped in the execution of the event. The best part of the shower was getting to see all the people that I haven't seen in forever. Plus I got really cute stuff for the baby! I got to see my friend Lacey, who I haven't seen for a couple of years and me, Steph, and Lacey were reunited for the night.

Drew left earlier than I did to catch his best friend's wedding reception, so I hung out with my family for a couple more days. All in all, it was a fun vacation. I love my family, my brothers drive me crazy, and my niece and nephew are adorable! I ate at In'n'Out three times (in a week) so I think I have fulfilled my In'n'Out quota for last year and this year.

Steven and my handsome husband and I at the Court of Honor.

Before we left for Cali, we made gingerbread houses for some families in the ward. The looked awesome!!

My brother Anthony, my grandpa, my mom and dad, me, Steven, Nick, Michael, and Johnny.

Christmas Lovin'

My friend Bec and I are due a week apart. My belly looks bigger and she's due before me! My baby is going to be bigger than hers, I think!

My friends Lacey and Steph at my baby shower.

My nephew Jamin found a yummy chocolate sucker that he had to have.

My beautiful niece Berlynn! She is so much fun.


Chrissy Renae said...

AHHHH you and bec are prego!!! i love it. i really love that picture of you guys together, you're so cute! cant wait to meet your cute baby!!!

Nick and Jaime Salas said...


It was so much fun seeing you guys and spending Christmas with you. We can't wait to see pictures of the little guy once he is born. Hope things are going well for you both.