Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's new in 2009

Just to catch you up with what has been going on lately:
- Luke Andrew Pepper was born on Feb 20, 2009. He has been a great source of joy to his parents (who also don't appreciate the late nights). He is doing well and is very healthy.
- My brother Kevin was married Feb 21, 2009 to Martha Crofts. We love having Martha as part of our family now.
- My little brother Matthew came home from his mission. He doesn't miss Los Angeles at all, but he does miss his mission.
- Another new is out and making everyone mad. It's worse than the last one that replaced the good one.
- I started a new job with Kay Chemical Company, a division of the company ECOLAB. It has been good to start a steady, normal job. I like my boss. I like the company. I was substitute teaching before that.
- Kathryn has been experiencing motherhood on a new level since Luke arrived. She has been recovering well with the help of the mothers. Her mom came for two weeks and we still live with my parents right now.
- My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's. He has a rare type that cannot be traced genetically or explained based on his lifestyle. It is not noticeable really, he just moves a tad slower. He is now taking medicine for it, which should slow down the disease. The doctors are pretty optimistic.
- Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. And then went on Jay Leno.
- My parents bought a new house. The new house is newer, bigger and nicer - and has the same monthly payment as the last one. Kathryn and I have the whole upstairs, which has been nice for our little family.
- American Idol is on TV again for another new season.
- The backbone of our financial system has nearly collapsed - and some how AIG still can manage more than $200 million of bonus money for running a company into the ground.
- Kathryn's dad's bank was bought by another one. He still works for them now, but he's not sure for how long he will be there.
- Jason proposed to Melissa and then three months later, he asked Molly to go out with him. Crazy, huh?
- Steven (Kathryn's little brother) was accepted to LDS Business College in SLC. We are all excited for him, and he leaves for school in June.
- Tax day is coming up. April 15, 2009.
- Luke will be blessed on Easter Sunday. Kathryn's family is coming to Texas for the blessing.

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Becca S. said...

Yay for the update! Drew did you watch the Bachelor and do you watch American Idol? Things I never knew about you. Kathryn, we need to chat, thanks for the package! Do you sleep a lot during the day or when is a good time to call "usually?"