Monday, August 24, 2009


So...Luke is officially 6 months old! Yay!!! And (drum roll please) he's sleeping through the night! Woohoo! I never thought I would get another full night's sleep but I'm getting it and loving it. He's going to his 6 month check-up at the end of the month, so I don't know how much he weighs but I do know it's a lot. He is quite the talker now and he can scootch backwards and in a circle and he's eating some solids and getting a personality (or an attitude is more like it). Oh, and he LOVES to laugh. Drew makes him laugh a lot when he blows on his tummy but Luke likes playing anything. He plays a mean Monopoly.

Drew is out of town right now for work which is pretty typical. He's gone for 4 days this time and next month he'll be gone for a week. It's all training and conferences and blah blah blah. All I know is that I don't have my husband and I don't like it.

Also, my family is moving! My parents are moving to Aberdeen, WA. My dad was already there working and my mom was going to stay in Merced, CA with my youngest brother so he could finish up his senior year in the town he grew up in, but then Johnny changed his mind and wanted to do his senior year in Washington! So he just flew there this weekend with my dad and my mom is left at home to pack and get the house cleaned and ready to leave. It's sad because now I don't know how often I'll be back to Merced. Boo. My bestest friends are from there. I'll have to work something out.

That's about all the big important news. Oh, I'm getting a new phone. And Drew wants to buy a new TV. That's it.

Luke at 6 months. I forgot to mention that he can almost sit up on his own. He tends to wobble.

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