Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh so meloncholy...

Well, I have been in California for the past 9 days helping pack my mom in preparation to move to Washington. It was a fun, yet sad experience. I had fun hanging out with Anthony, Natalie, and Berlynn, who came down for Labor day weekend. And then I had fun spending all day with my mom and helping her out. And I had fun with my dad once he flew in. But there were goodbyes and the sadness of knowing you were leaving behind something (Merced) that is familiar and that you have grown to love. I hope that I can make it back every once in a while, but with plane tickets being so expensive, I doubt it will happen very often. I put up lots of pictures on Facebook and wrote about each one, so if you would like to see pictures, go to Facebook. Other than that, I am now waiting very impatiently for Drew to come back from a business trip. I came home from Cali on Monday and Drew left Sunday, the day before. We just missed each other. I can't wait to see him!!!

As for Luke, he now has 2 teeth, can sit up all on his own, and is starting to try to pick things up with his finger and his thumb. It's amazing watching a brain develop. Here's a couple of pictures I didn't put on Facebook:

My grandpa, Luke, and my dad after breakfast on Saturday morning.

Grandma giving Luke a bath.

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Amy Meyer said...

He is getting so cute Kathryn! I can't believe how fast they grow!