Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mom's Visit and Suzie Q

My mom came to visit for the ultrasound (oh, yeah: we're having a GIRL!!!) and we had a really fun time hanging out.

I wanted to list all the things she did for us while she was here, because I really appreciated her help.

- Bought our groceries (on more than one occasion)
- Babysat (for a date and then surgery and then a presidency meeting)
- Washed the dishes
- Washed our laundry and folded it (TWICE!)
- Bought fabric for a baby quilt and for a new diaper bag for me
- Took me and Luke out to lunch at Costco twice
- Make us dinner every night
- Bought us Cold Stone one night
- Watched Luke while I took care of Drew
- Bathed Luke every night
- Made Luke a jacket
- Made me a skirt
- Made a new car seat cover (THAT is definitely going to be on Destination: Craft later!)

I'm sure there's so much more. She's such a good mom. I love her to pieces.

Oh yeah, did you catch the part about us having a GIRL!!!????

CRAZINESS!!! For those of you who don't know, I have five brothers (no sisters) and Drew has two brothers (no sisters), so we kind of assumed we were going to have all boys. When the ultrasound technician told us it was a girl, Drew asked, "How sure are you?" She told him 98%. He's so funny. We're calling her Suzie Q, since we haven't decided on a name yet.

BRING ON THE PINK!!! Wooohooo!! (It actually hasn't sunk in, but I'm SURE it will...soon.)

{My mom and I wore him out! He's was mid-chocolate chip cookie and totally conked out!}

{On our way to church}

{What a studmuffin}

{Lukie and Grandma}

{Shades. Basically the coolest baby ever}

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Renae said...

Congratulations on your girl! And, aren't moms the greatest? I'm so glad you enjoyed your time with your mom and she was able to help you all out so much!