Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter in South Carolina

Sorry I've been MIA. We haven't had the Internet for a while and it's been driving me NUTS! I have a lot of catching up to do! I want to start with an Easter post, though, because that's most important.

We went down to Drew's grandparents house in S.C. for Easter...a whooping 4.5 hour drive! With a 2 year old and a 7 week old, that's a looooong drive. However, we made it alive, so it wasn't too bad.

We went to an Easter egg hunt at the grandparent's church on Saturday and there were so many kids there that Luke only got 2 eggs :( But he still got a fun prize and his Great-Granddaddy bought him a Happy Meal, so he was happy. He also colored eggs with Drew's cousins that night, which he thought was awesome. Drew's cousins enjoyed it, too!

On Easter Sunday we went to Drew's grandparent's church again (it was weird not going to our church for Easter) for their service and then when we got home we sent Luke on an egg hunt and gave him his basket, full of candy that Drew and I will end up eating and a Cookie Monster Play-Doh set. Oh, and he got a basket from the great-grandparents, too. What a spoiled little boy!

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Danielle said...

whew! so glad you're back to the blogging world. :)

um, i don't know his first name, but the last name is hall? and then chad banta and then bro toone.

love all the easter pictures! man, if luke isn't the spittin' image of drew (to me, anyway) and then little grace looks like you! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. so sweet. ♥ miss y'all!