Monday, May 23, 2011

Bragging Rights

Drew really loves designing with InDesign or even a little on Illustrator. When he heard that his company was accepting designs for a T-shirt for the upcoming American Heart Association walk, he was ALL OVER THAT!

And...he won! Well, they used the back he submitted. They used a different front design. (His was better, though!) I loooove bragging about my hubby.

Check out his design! And we walked 1.3 miles at the AHA walk, which is quite the feat with 2 little kiddos. It was fun to exercise with the whole fam.

This is just because she's beautiful:


Madison said...

That's sooo cool!! I like the design he made!! I'm just like him.. I love InDesign and I really like Illustrator. (More and more each time I use it!!) :) And she's SO CUTE!!!

hapi said...

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