Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Not Much..

Not much has been going on here in the Pepper household. But I had a stash of pictures that I wanted to share. Enjoy!

We love putting Gracie in her Bumbo while we make dinner/eat dinner or wash dishes. She's a little sweetheart (but a little scared of the flash).

Here's Gracie tucked safely under daddy's arm.

This is how Luke likes to watch TV. I love how Gracie is pulling on him. She loves him so much.

I was putting on my make up so I put Gracie on the counter next to me. She thought she was so hilarious! She loved making faces at the mirror.

Another way Luke likes to watch TV. What a weirdo.


So Luke sat in the Bumbo the other day and then couldn't get his big behind out of it so he started crawling around with it still stuck to him! It was so funny. This kid makes me laugh.

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theunseasonedbaker said...

Such cute pictures! I remember when Sydney grew too big for her Bumbo. It was so funny how you'd try to lift her out of it and it would stay stuck to her butt. Good times! I also used to put Sydney up on the counter in her Bumbo while I did my makeup. It was so fun!