Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I have been dreading this post. It's seriously going to be forever long. Here's a million pictures of my trip to Utah!

We started our trip with staying at Nick and Jaime's house in Midvale. Luke and Ollie got along great! (Except for Ollie stealing Luke's cup all the time.)

Helping Grandma water the lawn.
This little girl loves her some yogurt.

Then we headed down to Provo to see Michael, Mamie, & co, and Matt Pepper!

My big brother goes to BYU Law! Go Cougs!
Luke loved seeing Uncle Matt again! He even had Matt take him to the bathroom 3 times. Wow, that's love.
I just thought this pic was so funny! Gracie is already buggin' her older brother! Way to walk in my footsteps, baby.
Just hanging out in the Wilk
BYU landscaping = Beauty
Cafe Rio
Mikey's sweet ride

And then my dad came out! It was way fun to have lots of family all together (We were missing Anthony & Natalie & fam and Stevie & Johnny.

We tried to get the kids to cooperate but...they're KIDS.

Gracie's face is priceless!
Family Time...

Michael, Mamie & Co

The Nick & Jaime Fam

My uncle and cousins! Look how good lookin' they are.

I celebrated my 25th birthday while there. I wish Drew could have been there!
Me & my brudders!! (Well, two of them anyway)

I got to hang with my of my closest friends, Kellee! She makes me laugh like no one else. beautiful son...
And daughter

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