Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our newest family member...

No, we're not pregnant. And we're definitely not getting a pet.

No no no no no no.

I'm not ready for another kid. And I'll never be ready for a pet. 

No, we bought another car! We've been looking for a while at 3rd row SUVs but those guys are expensive! And then the gas that goes with them.... Phew. We were in love with the Volvo XC90 but it needs premium gas. Premium?? Seriously?

Here's the reasoning behind getting another smaller car: We only have 2 kids. There it is. That's our reasoning. We need two cars because Drew is starting school in the fall and he'll have the car a lot. In two years when he's done with school, we'll look into a bigger car. But for now, we have Baby Pepper:

She's a 2009 Toyota Corolla. And yes, we already own a 2006 Corolla. But our Corolla has been so reliable and good to us. We found our '09 in Columbia, SC. We went and looked at the mission cars they had for sale and saw this lil beauty & loved it! Buying a mission car (a car the missionaries used but aren't using anymore) has its pros and cons.

Low mileage. The Church doesn't have the missionaries drive the cars for a super long time before they buy them new ones. Our car only has 53k miles on it, which I consider good. 

Good insides. When I say insides, I mean all the upkeep. The Church keeps the cars in great shape. (The actual insides, like the fabric, is okay, too.)

SUPER affordable. As in, we got our car for almost $7000 less than what it's worth. 

Let's be honest: 19-21 year old boys have been driving these cars. There are dings. There are scratches. I'm soooo not surprised, though. I think of my brothers and I'm actually kind of surprised there aren't MORE scratches. Wanna see what I'm talkin' about?

The scratches on top of the trunk are because of the bike racks. Those are the only ones I deem acceptable. The other ones I blame on the careless missionaries. 

Ah, well. That's what we get for buying a mission car. We're happy with it. I'M happy with it, since I'm the one driving it! :)


Sheri E. said...

We have a 2006 Corolla too! We're still getting by pretty well with the one car, but I'm sure well need another car in the next few years. We've loved our Corolla though.

Danielle said...

i love it!!! it's very pretty!!