Monday, July 23, 2012

NC Zoo

Age 3 is worse than age 2. A little observation. I've been thinking of giving Luke to the circus lately but honestly, the circus doesn't come into town very often. But the's always there. So maybe I can give him to the zoo! 

We had to go check out Luke's new home the other weekend.

Okay, okay, I joke. But seriously, age 3 really is worse than 2. Whoever coined the term "Terrible 2's" didn't have a normal 3-year-old. Or maybe I don't have a normal 3-year-old. Hmmm. Food for thought. So, Drew is starting grad school is just a few short weeks and I wanted to go to the zoo before we never see him for the next 2 years. It was really fun--except that the weather website was wrong. Really wrong. It was about a million degrees hotter than it said it was going to be. Drew and Gracie were okay but Luke and I had jeans and hot shirts on...I was miserable. He was just sitting in a stroller, so I think he was fine. 

Other than that, it actually was really fun! I think Gracie was more excited about seeing the animals than Luke, though. 

I think the favorite feature (of the kid's) was the carousel. This was Gracie's first time on one and, well, you'll see her reaction...


So Gracie was excited at first.


And then she decided she needed to hang on to the mama. 


She stayed like this the whole time. Silly girl.

She was glad to be back on solid ground. She just wanted to watch. But Luke needed one more ride!


Drew also took Luke in to watch a 3D dinosaur show with him. I told him it wasn't a good idea. Drew said that Luke kept saying "I want my mommy!" Drew took Luke's 3D glasses off and he was better. Geez, that man :)

And some Gracie shots:

And on our way out:


thenaptimebaker said...

Sounds like you had fun! We have zoo passes and LOVE them. They are so stinkin' cheap and the girls never get tired of the animals. We go like almost every week. And YES, I agree with you: 3 is by far worse than 2. This has been the case with both my daughters so far!

thenaptimebaker said...

Sounds like yall had fun! We have zoo passes and we LOVE them; they are so stinkin' cheap and the girls never get tired of seeing the animals. We go like almost once a week. And YES, I agree with you: age 3 is waaaaay worse than age 2. This has been the case with both Sydney and Hayley so far!

Renae said...

Oh dear. I was just talking with Kyle tonight about how I'm scared for Hailey to be 3, because I keep hearing that 3 is harder than 2. Hailey has been so difficult recently... I hope she's just hitting that 3 stage a little early.

Gahley's said...

We just started the 3s and it is already worse. The zoo looks like a blast though, we can drop the boys off together when we get back, they can keep eachother company at the zoo or the circus :)