Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Texas Trip (Two)

While we were in Texas I think one requirement from Drew and Matt was that we had to go to a Texas Rangers game. I didn't care so much, seeing as the kids probably wouldn't love it, but we all went and had a good time. Drew and Matt went and sat real close to the field for a long time because their uncle had really awesome seats. 

(Little story: Mama Pepper and I decided to take the kids home before the game ended because it was getting really late so we left. Then we get a call asking "Does Kathryn have the keys?" Oye...Drew couldn't drive everyone else home because the keys were in MY purse! We headed back to the stadium but by then the game was over and we couldn't get anywhere close to where Drew & everyone else was. Finally Mama Pepper parked and I ran to go meet Drew with the keys. It was stressful and annoying.)

And here are some random-ish pictures:

We got Luke some Toy Story pajamas but since both kids are OBSESSED with Toy Story, we put them both in the pajamas. I almost couldn't handle how boyish Gracie looked but she was so happy I didn't change her into something pink.

Look at Gracie's face! Not happy.

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