Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Texas Trip (Wrap Up)

I was thinking how I should post about my recent Washington trip but then I realized I never finished posting about the Texas trip! I'm such a slacker. But here it is! Better late than never.

Here's some of the last pictures:

Luke and Drew went on a little date to the Legoland in Grapevine.

Meanwhile.... we took Gracie to Build-A-Bear! Since she loves stuffed animals, she was in heaven.

Stuffing her doggie.

Washing her doggie.

More washing.

On a carousel with Grandma.

That's all of the pictures. However, on the drive home, Drew and I made a list of a bunch of stuff we wanted to remember, so you'll get to see them too. There's three different catergories: Food, Events, and Memorable Moments.

Chick-fil-A, McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bueno (3 times!), In-N-Out (Drew and I on a date), Chicken Express (one of Drew's favorites), Whataburger, Domino's, Olive Garden, Spring Creek, Chili's. 
 - Misc: Frozen yogurt, Sno cones (upon Drew's insistence), QT soft serve ice cream
 - Drew's work food: The Ranch, Japanese cuisine

- Rangers game  - Hawaiian Falls  - Legoland  - Batman movie  - Cam Thorpe's wedding reception  - Friend Reunion party  - Painted Door  - Ecolab visits (for Drew)  - Date night  - Gracie & Grandma Spa night  - Shopping  - Half-price books (Drew went a little crazy with his Far Side comics)  - Dinner with the Fackrell family  - Basketball (Drew & Matt)  - Craft day with Emily  - Lawn work (I discovered a hidden talent for trimming bushes)  - Arlington 4th ward & Mansfield 1st ward visits  - Luke's 1st Converse shoes  - Gracie's 1st Build-A-Bear  - Family Pics at the Thorpe's  - Taken (creepy movie Matt made us watch)

Memorable Moments:

Play Room: Mama Pepper transformed the upstairs into an awesome play room for the kids!

John & his Motorcycle: We drove up to the Pepper's house and saw a motorcycle. Drew: "Only one of my friends would be dumb enough to buy a motorcycle." Me: "John?" Haha, we love you John!

Brett Thorpe: I'm not even going to repeat the story here but Drew seriously laughed SO hard for about 5 minutes. If you want to know the story, ask Drew.

The Dog Debacle: Kev & Martha brought their 2 dogs. One night one of them got out. The next day one of the neighborhood guys told Mama Pepper that the dog had dragged a poor old man down the street and was pretty beat up. Mama & Dad Pepper stressed about it until the went and talked to the old man. Turns out it wasn't Kevin & Martha's dog. Phew!

Braxton Thorpe & Panera: I don't know why I thought this story was so funny! Probably because Lainie is such a good story teller :) If you wanna know this story, ask Lainie. It'll be worth your time.

Bubba: Matt calls Luke Bubba and he would play Hide & Go Seek with Luke. He'd wander the house calling "Bubba, where are you?" and then Luke would look for Matt... so cute!

The Middle: Drew was really excited to show his family one of our favorite shows: The Middle. Matt was so not enthused about it. Even after he watched it. That's a pretty typical reaction.

Dad Pepper & Matt: Matt was so funny with his dad! He'd follow Dad Pepper around saying "Hey, what are you doing?" "What are you going to do now?" Dad Pepper finally asked: "Can I please just go to the bathroom alone?!" 

Chubby Checker: Matt insisted that Drew had gained a lot of weight (which he hasn't) so Matt would walk around the house singing Chubby Checker. He even recruited Dad Pepper to start singing, too.

Haley Leavitt: At Cam's wedding reception, we saw tons of friends. It was so great. Of course, our good friend Serene was there. And Drew LOVES teasing her. And now that she has 3 girls, he likes teasing them. One of her daughters, Haley, who's around 3 I think, had gotten a couple of bug bites on her face at the reception. Drew told Haley she had bites on her face and she got really worried and started crying. Drew's such a brat. 

Leaving Ranger's game: The Ranger's game was going pretty late into the night. Knowing the rest of the family could be driven home by Drew in our car, Mama Pepper & I decided to take the kids home. We left and were pretty far away when I realized I had Drew's keys. Back to the stadium we went. The problem was the game was over and there was no way we could get to anybody or the car. I ended up running the keys over to Drew.

Sunday dinner: We had a dinner after Sunday to see a lot of our friends. It was so much fun. Everyone brought something to eat and we just hung out and enjoyed each other's company.

Have you made it to the end? If you did, congrats! And hopefully you enjoyed it. Or some of it.


Renae said...

Sounds like quite the trip! I'm sad that Kyle and I never ate at Chicken Express or Whataburger while we were in Round Rock. I really wanted to try Whataburger out, just because of the name- plus there was one every five feet in Texas (that and Sonic).

I'm rather curious about the Brett Thorpe story. Knowing Brett I'm sure it's hilarious.

I must admit that I have successfully avoided Build-A-Bear from the fear of Hailey becoming obsessed. But, those pictures of Gracie at Build-A-Bear are so cute, and kind of made me want to bend a little. I know Hailey would love it- probably too much.

thenaptimebaker said...

What a fun trip! We are so glad we got to see yall while you were here. Punch Drew in the arm for me for the Hayley-mosquito-bite thing :)