Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mickey and Minnie Birthday Party

This year I decided to do a combined birthday party for Luke and Grace. It will be a while before they care. I was struggling with what theme to do until I realized that we would be in Disney World just a couple months before their birthdays. That's when I decided Mickey and Minnie would be perfect! I can't believe I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old! I feel like I officially have no more babies :(

The party was a lot of fun! It helps when you invite amazing people and their amazing children.

The birthday super stars (Dress made by me, Shirt made by my mom):

Some of the decor:

We had a craft table where you could decorate a foam Mickey/Minnie head, a bean bag toss, and there was a park close by. I think the biggest attraction was the sand volleyball court that was next to the park. It was a huge sandbox for the kids to play in!

Food (Cookies, cupcakes, pigs in a blanket, Cheetos, raisins, string cheese, and strawberry lemonade):

Gracie's friends at the party (Tinley, Mia, Carolina):

Luke's friends at the party (Claire, Jude, Ava, Oliver, Dylan):

We sure had a fun time! Lots of playing and chatting!

The kids "blowing" out their candles. It was way too windy to actually light them, so we just sang. Luke got SO embarrassed. He's funny.

Drew also made a Disney castle to use as a backdrop for a photo booth. He did an AH-MAZING job!

We're so grateful for such fun and wonderful friends! Here's to being 4 and 2! It's gonna be great.


Bobbijean said...

You did such an amazing job!

thenaptimebaker said...

Holy cow girl! You make the birthday parties I throw for my girls look like a piece of trash on the side of the road! You did so good putting that together and it looks like the kids just had a blast! Yay!