Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rex Lee Run

Liberty and I ran the Rex Lee Run today and it was really fun but also really hard for me. I am at the beginning stages of getting sick so my throat hurts and stuff but we never walked. I am so proud of us. We both knew we wanted to walk but neither of us suggested it. Chrissy did it too, but she took off and then at the end of the race, we couldn't even find her. It turns out she really wanted to win a raffle prize. Silly girl. Libby and I ran it in 50 minutes and 20 secs. Not marathon runners, but we didn't care. We just wanted to do it. Actually, Libby's mom paid for me to do it because I told Libby I couldn't afford it. That was sooo nice of her. We want to do another 5k in April, but actually train for it. For this 5k, all we did was walk a 5k path two days before the actual day of the run. That was pretty dumb of us. Anyway, maybe I'll become a marathoner. And Drew is an excellent fan. We was at the finish line with water for Libby and I. He's so good to me.


SunnyC said...

YAYYY for the rex lee run!!! for clarification, it only took you guys 34 somethin minutes. basically you are speed racers, especially for not training at all. i was 32, and peter was 30. so really we werent all that far apart!!!
also, yes i have a blog now. but its pretty new, so dont judge :) xoxo

SunnyC said...

also, i tagged you!!! go to my blog for further instruction.