Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things we want to do/see in New York

Yankees game
Mets game
The house from Home Alone
Empire State Building
Central Park
Times Square
Rockefeller Center
Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island
Ground Zero
Yankee Stadium
Radio City Music Hall
Today Show
David Letterman
Union Square
Madison Square Garden
Greenwich Village
Little Italy & Chinatown
Brooklyn Bridge
Bronx Zoo
Broadway show
Museum of Modern Art
Museum of Natural History
American Museum of Natural History
Wall Street
New York public library
NBC Tour
New York Stock Exchange
Metropolitan Opera House
Macy’s New York
FAO Schwartz
Fifth Avenue
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Guggenheim Museum
Plaza Hotel
Museum of Television and Radio
United Nations
Grand Central Station
Carnegie Hall
Columbia University
Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum (Smithsonian)

Any advice or suggestions would be nice. Basically we are going to be doing about 2 things every night.

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Tara said...

hey kathryn it's tara! i just saw that you're going to nyc and thought i'd give some suggestions (i go there a lot).

one of my favorite places to explore is the upper west side. its great becuase it's not very touristy but has lots of things to do. start at the manhattan temple and work your way uptown, going to the natural history museum and such. my favorite place to eat is up there, called ollie's noodle house (84th and broadway) and there's a filene's basement down the street with great deals. also, the grocery store Zabar's is on that same street, which is fun to go to and has been featured in lots of movies. i'm sure i'll have more to tell you, but i'll just see you at work!