Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friends + Haircut = LOVE

While we were in Utah, I tried to see as many of my lovely friends as I could. Alas, I could only really see the people who came up to Salt Lake, but of course there is always room for Aaron, Ryan, and John's house.

Can I just declare my love for my friends? I seriously would be lost in life without these two wonderful girls: Becca Weed Severson and Kellee Leandra Fremming. Two of the most amazing girls ever. They make me laugh like no other and while others think I may be odd, these girls actually think I'm funny. At least they make me think they do.

Another group of girls I love: 344. My roommates in 344 of The Colony were AWESOME. That was one of the best years of my life. I got to see Miss Chrissy Barnes while in Utah because we were going to Bev's wedding reception. Oh, and we watched Last Comic Standing the night before. I also miss Liberty Baker, who made me laugh so hard we would cry. If only our walls or Turbo could talk, they would bust out laughing. 'Cause we were crazy.

Anyway, that's my tribute to some of my best friends.

On to the next topic...

I got a haircut!! That's right, after a year and a half of not going near a haircutting salon, I decided to cut and cut big. It's way different from anything I have ever done, but I'm getting used to it. Drew especially likes it when I curl it. Plus Bec, Kellee, and Chrissy all stroked my ego by telling me it looked cute.


Chrissy Renae said...

i like this post... we are the cutest! and i miss you already. one quick weekend was just not enough catchup! thanks for being so raddddddddddddical. xoxo

Anonymous said...

You're hair is SOOO CUTE!!!! I love it! I miss you!! I'm sad I missed the reunion. I made cookies yesterday and forgot the eggs- it was a disaster... remember that time I made brownies and forgot the eggs? Or that time we put a pound of butter into Becca's cake? haha good times!!!!!! XXOOO LOVE YOU ROSA PEPPA