Monday, June 30, 2008

U-Haulin' to Texas

Kathryn and I finished our trip down to Texas a week ago. We left Sandy, Utah after sacrament meeting and stopped right outside of Denver and stayed with Josiah Roueche's parents.
Leg 1: The trip across Wyoming and down through Colorado took about 10 hours. As we got closer to northern Colorado, the drive was really green and luscious. Leg 2: The second portion of the trip continued through Colorado, across Kansas (extremely very boring), down through Oklahoma and eventually into Texas. Leg 2 was about 14 hours.
The trip wasn't so bad to be honest. The worst part was the ease of driving with our U-Haul. It was very easy to turn, which would be good normally, but made it very difficult to drive straight on the highway going 75 mph. At times it was a bit dangerous.
One thing Kathryn and I decided as we drove was where we will never live. We will never live anywhere in Kansas, anywhere in Wyoming (except the south-eastern tip or maybe Flaming Gorge, Wyoming), probably not Oklahoma and probably never New Mexico (it's just not that much better than the first Mexico to be honest). We didn't travel through New Mexico, but I have before, and we aren't living there.
In total, we took two days, 24 hours, and around $600 of gasoline. And the U-Haul wasn't cheap either. If you are thinking about moving, talk to us first and we can talk you out of using a U-Haul or Pods or buying a bunch of junk and hoarding it like starving squirrels.


Jamin said...

Oh yeah, it is no where near cheap to move! Wait until you have to move a kid too!

matt & elisabeth said...

does not sound like fun! haha. are you guys living in the DFW area now?