Friday, September 12, 2008

Just some updates.

There has been lots of fun stuff going on in the lives of Kathryn and Andrew, so here is just a little update:

I went to California for a week to spend time with my family for my birthday week. I had so much fun and I loved being with my family, but I did miss Drew and his family. It seems like my heart can be in two places at once!! It was great to hang out with my brothers and parents. Of course my mom spoiled me rotten with maternity and baby stuff. I took one duffel bag
and ended up leaving with a backpack, a rolling backpack, and the original duffel bag. I feel so loved!!

(My two crazy brothers and I on my birthday night)

Drew and I started our jobs this last week. We've gotten better at it but it took a while. At first there was a big learning curve and we didn't know what we were doing. I think we'll be fine when we're actually at work. It's getting there that's the hard part. There is always so much traffic on the way there . It takes us an hour and a half to get there and an hour and a half to get home. Pretty lame. Drew is good in traffic, though.

Hurricane Ike is supposedly comin' at us. I'm not gonna lie--it's kind of exciting for me. The biggest weather problem we had in Merced was fog. I've never had anything this scary coming my way, so we'll see how it goes. All that is supposed to come to us is wind and evacuees.

Well, I'm still pregnant. I'll be posting belly pictures (no skin) near the bottom to show how I'm growing. We get to find out what it is next month and I am so excited!!


Becca S. said...

oo, you're cute pregnant girl! You're still little (granted, like me, you probably don't feel little). I'm glad you had a good birthday and got to be spoiled by your mom.

holly said...

Oh Kathryn!! Yay!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy to "see" you! And good grief, you are going to be a WONDERFUL mother! I'm so excited for you!

(And Happy Birthday!!)

Chrissy Renae said...

minor problem. no job also means no money. DANGIT. maybe ill try hitchhiking down...