Friday, September 5, 2008

The missing wife & the hottness files

So, this is the first time my wife and I have been apart for more than one night.
She left for California last Saturday and will return Friday - a little less than a week. She spent her birthday back home with her family. And I must admit, it's been a little weird.

I thought I would spend some time doing some man stuff, like play basketball and video games and garden. You know, the usual. But instead I have been house sitting and taking care of other errands and paperwork, and missing my wife.

I noticed one day that I was missing Kathryn a lot and I created a new set of pictures. We have been together for about 30 months, and have amassed a few pictures in that time period. I went through most of them and created the 'Hottness Files' - a series of my most favorite pictures of my beautiful wife. They are my favorites because A) I think she's really pretty in them, and B) They remind me of significant times in our lives.

I have attached a few examples:Kathryn and I met at BYU. When I see this photo it reminds me of our college years together.

Kathryn and I have attended several baseball games together. This was our first, and the first picture my parents ever saw of Kathryn. She is wearing my "Texas" hat.

This was our wedding day. She was so pretty that her 4-year old cousin had something to say about it. When she walked out of the temple, Darrian's comment was, "Now that's what I'm talking about!" His big smile prompted me to remind him she was my wife, not his.

This picture was on the front of our wedding announcement. I like her simple smile, too.

The longest time we have spent away from one another was the summer before we married. Kathryn was back home for seven weeks, and it was the longest seven weeks of my life. This picture was taken during that time.

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