Sunday, October 12, 2008

30 Things You Might Not Have Known - Part 2

And now...Kathryn's turn!!!

1. I didn’t cut my hair until I was 12 years old.
2. I read magazines backwards
3. My brother bit me when I was a baby
4. I put in my two weeks’ notice on the first day of a job once
5. I’ve worked on Wall Street
6. I was drum major for my junior high band
7. I wanted to try out for the cheer team in junior high by my dad didn’t want me to
8. I had my first cell phone as a sophomore in high school
9. I am named after 2 of my great aunts
10. I called my little brothers “babies” until they were about 10 years old
11. One of my best friends and I got pregnant within a week of each other
12. I never want pets
13. My parents were high school sweethearts
14. I had my first kiss in college
15. I once performed ballet at the San Diego state fair
16. I have dyed my hair red, blonde, and black
17. I’ve done more traveling as a married woman than a single one
18. I would eat my mom’s stew and blueberry muffins as my death row meal
19. I was an English major. If I could go through again, I would either major in Home and Family Living, Communications (advertising), or desktop publishing
20. Three of my favorite novels are Jane Eyre, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Ella Enchanted
21. I worked in a California grape vineyard for the Church welfare growing up
22. I have climbed Half Dome in Yosemite National Park
23. I went to high school with my sister-in-law
24. I have been a Mariah Carey fan since I was 10
25. My favorite Girl Scout cookies are Thin Mints
26. One year I had Christmas in a hotel
27. I gave myself a swirly once
28. If I served a mission, I would have liked to go to Spain
29. The prettiest place I’ve been is Yosemite; most exciting is New York; the most interesting is San Francisco.
30. My husband proposed to me in the basement of the JFSB on BYU campus…with Little Caesar’s pizza.


holly said...

OH Kathryn, I love this!! I wish you were sitting here so I could get the full story on all of them. :) You are just so cute!!

Anonymous said...

HEY I knew most of those!!!! I remember you reading 'Ella Enchanted' and thinking, 'what?!' cause I had never heard of it then I read it and understood. I miss you ROSA!!! Do you ever talk to Drew in a southern accent? you should. haha XXOOO

Becca S. said...

I'm just going to write on everything that you check, so you will reply quickly. What are you having?! You need to post something and/or just call me (I prefer the and)! The suspense is killing me? Oh, and I knew most of those things except Christmas in a hotel and giving yourself a swirly, which by the way, you are going to have to tell me the story in great detail soon!

Drew said...

You're one hot mama!