Friday, June 12, 2009

Luke's Trip to California!!

We just went to California last week to see my little brother graduate. I can't believe Steven is all done with high school and is moved out and is on to college!! It's just so crazy. Anyway, so we flew over to Cali to see that and Luke got to be on his first airplane ride. He actually did okay. Not too fussy and he smiled at all the stewardesses. He was also a big hit with the fam. Everybody loved him! While we were there we took family pictures and ate at In'n'Out and the boys played basketball a million times and we ate lots of junk food. Luke got to meet his great-grandpa Frank and his great-grandma Marion and all his aunts and uncles and lots of his mama's friends. Oh yeah, and Steven graduated!! Yay! We miss everyone but we're so glad we were able to go out and see them all. Well, that's about it. The pictures will show the story:Our growing family!

Jamin, Luke, and Berlynn: The Cousins!!

The whole family

Luke and Grandpa Frank (my dad's dad)

Steven graduated!!! (And sorry for the inapproprate behavior of my brothers. That's how they are.)

Luke and Grandma Marion (my mom's mom)

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