Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snuggies and Ziplocs

Drew had to organize his work stuff the other day so we got out some Ziplocs and continued working, not thinking much about the mongo box of Ziplocs we put on the floor. Well, then this happened:

Yup, he pulled them ALL out.

Also, Luke is a baby. I know, shocker, right? Well, babies don't really know to keep blankets on themselves at night and Drew and I were getting worried about Luke because we don't want him to get super cold at night. One day I said, "I should invent a baby Snuggie." Well, Drew took that idea and never forgot it, because he came home one day with some fleece blankets and asked, "Can you make Luke a Snuggie out of these?"

Oh yeah, sure.

Well, lookie at what I did. I made a baby Snuggie. Pretty awesome, huh? However, when Luke woke up this morning, he was sans blankets. Blast.

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Sheri E. said...

I love that you made him a snuggie. That should be the new hot item at baby showers everywhere!