Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pep Update

Well, lots of things have been happenin' here at the Pep household. Here are a few highlights:

- Obviously, Luke turned ONE! He's so big and wonderful and Drew and I are so grateful he's in our life.

- My mom flew here for Luke's birthday and stayed for over a week! It was so fun to have my mom here so that my days weren't so slow and she taught me some sewing techniques. It was fun. I am so glad she is able to come like that.

- Mama Pepper and I ran in the Cowtown! We did the 5k. I am so proud of myself for running the WHOLE time! Yeah that's right. Booyah. No training. But I was 10 minutes slower than the last time I ran a 5k...dang it. Oh well, it motivated me to start working out more than I do right now. It was really fun.

- Luke went to his year appointment. Drew and I went and expected the normal "Blah blah, he's progressing great, blah blah." NO. Turns out Luke has been DOG SICK for a while and we didn't even KNOW!! GRRRR. He has an ear infection in BOTH ears and we were sent home with a breathing machine because he's wheezing and it's in his chest. My poor baby. However, he weighs 22.5 pounds and is 30 inches long, so that's good.

- Turns out we're moving. Yup. We put a bid on a house a long time ago and we were pretty sure we were going to get it so we gave our apartment complex a 60-day notice but then something REALLY stupid happened so that house fell through but we kept putting off breaking the 60-day notice. Well, we went and talked to the office on Saturday and they said they've already pre-leased our apartment, so we have to be out by...get this...March 13th. Holy COW!! I have 2 weeks to pack up this place? Why am I even on this computer?!?! Shoot.

- Just something kind of funny: Luke is obsessed with moving things around. Specifically bottles. He likes moving around water bottles but he's okay with any kind of bottle. It's funny. He'll take a bottle and put it on the TV stand and then take it to the table and back and forth. I'll have to get a video.

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Sheri E. said...

Poor Luke! I'm sure being on a breathing machine is no fun. Have fun packing!