Monday, April 5, 2010

How many ways can a Realtor ruin your life?

So, last time I checked, a Realtor was supposed to help you out, right? He is the guy that you contact and say, "Hey guy, help me find a place to live for my family." And then he says, "OK, I will do my best." Some time later, a house is found, it is then made a home, and both parties leave on a happy note and are both satisfied.

It usually goes something like that.

Well, not in our case.

As we were moving into my parents home for the second time after graduating from university, I started thinking. I thought, "How do two college graduates end up at their parents home again?" And then I realized that my Realtor ruined my life.

How many ways can a Realtor ruin your life? So my former Realtor cannot sue me for defamation, I will name him Bobby Sue.

1. Wasting countless hours driving to potential houses.
2. Wasting countless hours searching for a house online.
3. Wasting an hour to sign papers on a bid. This happened three times.
4. Wasting time buying one house, which was a different house than the one our Realtor showed us.
5. Wasting time figuring out he had showed us one house and sold us a completely different house.
6. Wasting time talking with potential financing options.
7. Wasting time talking to other realtors and lawyers about what had happened.
8. Finding another location on our own. Signing papers to build a house. And then our Realtor, Bobby Sue, pops up in the inbox claiming 3% of the purchase price for his commission for a house, builder, lot, city, or floorplan he had never showed us.
9. Wasting more time talking to other realtors and lawyers about what was still happening.
10. Moving out of our apartment because we thought we were building a home.
11. Losing our "1/2 off last month's rent" deal because we broke our apartment contract.
12. Losing our $300 of referral money because we broke our apartment contract, which was to be split with another couple.
13. Paying an additional $800 in rent for a month we were not going to live at the apartment because we broke our apartment contract.
14. Packing the entire apartment up again after living there for only nine months.
15. Renting a storage unit for $50 a month to put our stuff in.
16. Using two whole Saturdays and several week-day nights taking trips to the storage unit.
17. Backing into a car in the Staples parking lot with my company car because I couldn't see out of my car because it was filled to the top with boxes.
18. Receiving an official driver safety reprimand from my employer.
19. Getting higher auto insurance rates because of my minor fender bender.
20. Living in the same room with our baby.
21. Wasting time emailing the Realtor about not paying him for any services.
22. Wasting time writing this blog post about how mad I am at Bobby Sue.

All these things have a direct link to Bobby Sue. I'm not even lying.

If you ever wonder how many ways a Realtor can ruin your life, let me know. I might have a possible referral for you.


The Webbs said...

OK that was soooo funny! I hate that I am laughing at your frustration. I know things will eventually work out for you guys.

Katie said...

it's too bad you're not living in UT--we had an AWESOME realtor.