Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I am blessed enough to have two wonderful mothers as an example to me. I wanted to share one favorite memory of each mother.

Mama Pepper: I think my favorite memory I have is when Matt, Kevin, Drew and I all flew to Texas for Mama Pepper's surprise 50th birthday. Drew's grandparents made me dance with the boys in front of about 40 people I didn't even know and I did it ... grudgingly. But that's not my favorite part. They had each kid come into the room, and since everything was a surprise, she had no idea we were there. Drew and I weren't even officially engaged yet but when Mama Pepper saw Drew she said, "Where's my daughter?" And when I came into the room she ran over and hugged me and she was so happy. I love that memory. I am so grateful to be her first daughter!

Mamacita: I think one of my favorite memories of my mama is when I was in high school. I was running for Director of Communications. My mom helped me put up sign after sign and she made little stickers for people to wear and she was SO supportive. I ended up not winning (Merced High's loss) and when I got home from the election convention my mom had flowers and chocolate waiting for me (I had already told her I lost). It made me feel so loved when I was so down.

I am so grateful not only for the moms in my life but that I get to be a mom to the sweetest little boy. I hope I am as good a mom as the moms I know are. Happy Mother's Day!!

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