Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Homies

So, as most people know already, we've found a new place to live for the next year. I'm super excited because it's not only a townhouse, but it's 1500 square feet! THREE bedrooms!! That's a bigger space than I've lived in for the last SIX years!

Well, that Drew and I have rented. Or just me on my own.

Anyhoo...I've had a blast in the First Ward. I loved it there. It felt right. Like home. We were in there for about 5 months and I taught the Mia Maids (14-15 yr olds) and I LOVED them. Then we switched to the Second Ward and I taught the Laurels (16-17 yr olds) and I loved them too, but I had a better connection with the other ward.

Well, we've been back in the First ward for a while now and I teach Relief Society (18+ yr olds) but I still like talking to the girls I taught in between classes and whatnot.

Sooo...last night they threw me a FAREWELL party! I haven't taught them for a year! I was so flattered that they still liked me enough. And we had a lot of fun. We played signs and ate Funfetti cupcakes (my favorite) with ice cream and they gave me a notebook with their signatures and messages in it. It was SO SO SO sweet. A perfect way to leave the ward.

Some of the girls that threw the party (nice 'stauch, Carlie)

These are the girls I taught aka My Homies: Jennifer, Jacqueline, and Carlie

I love you girls! I'll miss the First ward!

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