Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WICKED with Mama Pepper

Mama Pepper and I took a break from unpacking on Saturday to and go see Wicked in Fair Park in Dallas (her treat!).




Just like I remembered it in New York! SOOO good. I didn't even sing along. But Mama Pepper DID sneak us down to the lower section during intermission. That was also very awesome.

Aren't we cute??

Mama Pepper in our ORIGINAL seats

We met Fiyero! Glinda had already booked it and Elphaba was sick. Oh well.


On an unrelated note, Drew, Luke and I went to Grapevine Mills on Monday and Drew was so proud of his purchases, I had to share.

He got these four shirts for $13 something at Old Navy. He's so cute, he was so excited. I love him.

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Liz said...

Drew! You can't own UNC and Duke clothing. That's like serving God and Mammon. Wicked looks fun and I love the black and green outfits!