Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Westport Beach

I'm hanging in Washington right now visiting my parents. We went to Westport Beach a little while ago and let me tell you, it is significantly different than Myrtle Beach. The biggest difference: COLD. It's freezing here. But it's a lot prettier. Myrtle Beach is a lot more commercial. After we looked at the water, we went to all the little shops. It was a lot of fun. And then we got pizza and of course we stopped by the quilt shop we saw. The teenage crew was not happy about that.

The teenage crew: Ashlyn (a cousin, kinda), Johnny (my stinky brother), and Luis (Johnny's friend that has moved in with my parents)

My mama!

One store owner gave Luke a lollipop. Sticky mess.

The first lighthouse I've ever seen! It's not used anymore, but it's still cool.


Renae said...

Oh so fun! Washington coast is cold, but very pretty and very much my favorite. :)

Kathryn Pepper said...

Renae!!! I visited Seattle yesterday and basically want to live there now! It's so pretty!!