Friday, November 5, 2010

Random Happenings

1. Luke has been obsessed with VeggieTales. Which means I know EVERY song by heart.

2. My son is adorable.

3. We have been watching a LOT of baseball recently. And then the Rangers lost.

4. Luke was the absolute cutest Superman ever recorded in Halloween history.

5. Drew turned 27! He got an awesome bat from his parents, a hat from my parents, and a T-shirt from me and Luke.


Mamie said...

Did you get my email? FREE Veggies! I know how you feel though. If they aren't on TV, or playing on the radio, Jamin is singing them! Oye! A girl can only take so much! :-)

Katie said...

i know what you mean, I have EVERY song from every toy & movie memorized, and I have so many of his books memorized too! Scott and I recite them to him in the car when he is fussy and now he's even starting to recite them back with us!