Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Packing for the Hospital

Sooo, last time I was pregnant, I didn't prepare very well for the hospital. In fact, I wasn't prepared at all.

Drew and I were in bed drifting off to sleep when my water broke. Drew was making a mad dash for all the things we needed to take with us. And of course, we forgot lots of things, so Drew had to make additional trips.

I REALLY don't want that to happen to us again. So, I'm starting to pack now (at 36 weeks. That's not too early is it?).

Here's my list. Please please please tell me what YOU needed or what I'm missing. I have an awful memory!

- Clothes for baby
- Blanket for baby
- Pajamas for me/going home outfit
- Chapstick
- Lanolin
- Nursing pads
- Something to read (yeah, like that'll really happen)
- Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, saline solution, contacts case, toothbrush and paste, brush, lotion, deodorant
- Glasses
- Hairbands
- Slippers & socks
- Make up (as if)
- camera
- snacks for afterward
- pacifiers
- Extra pillows and blankets

Am I missing anything? What did you pack that you couldn't live without? Or what did you forget that you wish you hadn't?


Ashley said...

I heard an idea- to get a little gift for your other children and have it wrapped so they can open a gift from the new baby when they come to visit at the hospital so it is a very positive beginning. I thought that was kind of fun.

Kathryn Pepper said...

That is a good idea! We should do that for Luke. Thanks, Ash!

Sheri E. said...

Don't forget to take the camera charger. I hate when I pull the camera out to take pictures and the battery is dead. We need to see pictures of the sweet little girl. Also, take a cell phone charger. You know you're gonna be making a lot of phone calls.

Kathryn Pepper said...

Ohhh, good ones! See, this is why I'm asking other mamas. 'Cause you're smarter than me!

Jess said...

Don't forget your journal! :)

Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

you should get Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter. I like it SOOO much better than Lanolin. It's not sticky, it's not hard to put on, and it makes the boobies heal soo much faster!