Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Celebrations

This year for Valentine's Day Drew told me he had a surprise planned and I figured he would spill because he almost ALWAYS does. He just gets really excited and can't wait to tell me (just ask me about when he proposed!). He's so sweet.

Anyway, Drew made it all the way to Valentine's Day without spilling the secret! He had me get dressed up and we dropped Luke off at the Peppers and headed out. We ate at Chili's and then exchanged presents. Drew told me not to spend ANY money, so I made him Funfetti heart-shaped cookies and got him Hot Tamales and sour gummy worms.

And when Drew went to get my present from the trunk, a bird pooped on him! Haha, he had to go back into Chili's to wash his hands. And then he gave me this:

Tickets to a live performance of Evita! Evita is one of favorite movies of all time.

Look at us! At Evita!! It was AWESOME!! This present was sweet on so many levels: Drew doesn't like musicals and a lot of Evita is in Spanish, which Drew doesn't understand, and it's my favorite movie, not his (he hasn't even seen it). This was one of the sweetest presents Drew has ever given me. I love you, honey!!

On the actually day of Valentine's Day, Drew wasn't here. But Luke had gotten a valentine from his great-grandparents with a McDonald's giftcard in it, instructing us to go get a Happy Meal on Valentine's Day. So we did! Luke and I went on a date to McDonald's...very romantic :)

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Becca S. said...

Good job Drew! I'm impressed with his gift skills with kathryn. Cute pictures. Luke is getting so big and even cuter!