Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!! This is one of my favorite holidays. This year we went and stayed at Drew's Uncle Carey's house. They have 2 girls that just LOVE Luke (I can't blame them) and they think Gracie is just oh-so-fashionable (I take all the credit for that one). Drew grandparents also came up to be with everyone. We stayed until Sunday morning and then drove 2 hours back so we could be back for church.

Today we had a very chill 4th. We went swimming at 10, so no one was out there yet, then went grocery shopping, cleaned up the house, took naps, bought some luggage, and went to eat at Fuddrucker's. I just love what the 4th of July represents: the freedoms we have to worship and to gain an education and to love whomever we will. It's a wonderful thing to live the the US.


Drew's two cousins with our kiddos:

Drew chillin' & watching Luke swim

Drew's aunt Patti & Grandma Free

Luke lazin' about the pool

Our bathing beauty

Drew wanted a "legit" snow cone, so Patti pulled out the ice shaver...that is cranked BY HAND!! We all get a kick out of him cranking away for about 1/3 cup of ice!

Diaper Buddies

Patriotic Babies!!

Happy Fourth of July!!


theunseasonedbaker said...
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theunseasonedbaker said...

Tell Drew I've been craving a Tiger's Blood snow cone. He needs to make me one!