Friday, October 14, 2011

Cap'n Luke & More

Luke has been obsessed with pirates lately. And dinosaurs. But the other day he was using a storage bin as his "pirate ship" and a baseball bat as his sword. I went back to my fabric stash and found some pirate-y fabric and made him a little headwrap-thing. What are those called?

This was his pirate day:

ALSO...Drew gave me a pedicure the other night for the FIRST time! It was magical. He's the best husband in the whole world. He even went back and fixed the parts where he went over. What a stud muffin. (He chose orange for Halloween.)

And...we went to the park (again) so of course I had to take pictures and I saw a beautiful color-changing tree. It's fall! I love seeing nature change, but leaves changing color is one of the most beautiful to me.

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