Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We took Luke and Gracie to the pumpkin patch last night and Luke was really (overly) excited. This is the first year he can actually say "Pumpkin" and he found it thrilling to be able to run through all the pumpkins and sit on the fatty ones. And our kids just look oh-so-cute with the pumpkins as their background.

Sharing the head hole in the wood pumpkin cutout.
We (it was really me) let a 10-year-old kid take our picture. Drew was extremely nervous during this picture because our camera cost a lot and a kid was holding it.
The Pumpkin Princess
Pepper Women
Daddy-Daughter Pumpkin Moment
See how excited he was?
He's dancing. He seriously has awesome dance moves.
They LOVE each other. Seriously.


Renae said...

You got some fun pictures! And I love the headband on Grace.

Liberty said...

I love these pictures and your little family. Gracie is SOO stinkin' cute!! It's so fun that she looks so much like you. I wish we were closer!!!