Tuesday, January 24, 2012

For the love.

It has been FOREVER.

My bad.

Let me tell you about my amazing husband.

He organized our 5-year-anniversary getaway. Isn't he a sweetheart? We went to the Biltmore Estate...which is NUTS and gorgeous all at the same time.

We stayed in a hotel...but we took the kids. Oh well. We made 'em, we might as well be responsible for them. (Although Drew did try to pawn them off to a relative.)

Anyhoo...on to the pictures!

The craziness that was our hotel room
I was so excited to be at the gorgeous Biltmore!
Outside of the Biltmore...it was a little chilly
I told you I was excited!
Drew just wanted to copy me.
Look at our baby model.
Lukie with the Biltmore Christmas Tree
Family Shot!
I love this night shot.

And now for the Christmas pics:

Let me tell you about our crazy Christmas. We have church at 8:30, so Drew and I got up super early to get ready. We ate cinnamon rolls that I had made the day before and made the finishing touches on the kids gifts. Luke woke up first and was able to open ALL his presents before Gracie got up. We videotaped them opening their presents...crazy parents. We went to church (which was only an hour that day) and then we came home, changed clothes, packed the car, and headed for Drew's uncle's house, which is 2 hours away. We got to their house around 2 or so. We had a great time there and ate amazing food but we had to leave fairly quickly because we had to get to our hotel (to see the Biltmore) so that I could hop on Skype to talk to my little brother who lives in the Philippines (missionary). Phew! Craziness!

We lined up Luke's cars from his bedroom door to his presents :)

Our Christmas Sunshine!
Luke got a REAL train to go around the tree, courtesy of his Great-Grandparents Free
Luke with his loot
Gracie's presents
Christmas Cuties!
She's so pretty.
Okay, I'm caught up through Christmas. Next post will be more recent news/pictures!

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theunseasonedbaker said...

Adorable pictures! One word to say about the out-of-control hotel room pic: AWESOME. Our hotel rooms look exactly the same when we have our girls in the room with us. So funny!