Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Steph's Visit

My friend Stephanie has already come & gone! It was such a quick trip but I'm SO glad she came out for a visit! I needed that girl time. So here's what we did:

Thursday: This is the day she got here. She got here at 9:30 am and she had been traveling since 11 pm the night before! So we came back to my apartment, ate lunch, and she took a nap. She was pretty tired. Then we went and got some craft supplies. It's actually really nice to have an extra set of hands while out & about. I offered her a job as my nanny but she didn't think her husband would like that :)

That night we worked on our crafts and watched Breaking Dawn. Oh, and I tried to replicate Chipotle's Burrito Bowls for dinner. It was okay, but not the same.

Crafting away!!
Taking a break to watch some TV.
Friday we went to the park, to Maxie B's bakery for cupcakes, and Chick-fil-A for lunch. We finished our crafts and then for dinner we took her to the classy Cici's Pizza (we had to check our forks for food particles!). 

Park time!

Saturday we made some sandwiches and headed out to some outlets. We did some shopping and then ate our lunches in the car. When we got home Drew and the kiddies went to sleep and Stephanie and I hit the mall for more shopping! After the mall Steph introduced me to the world of Cracker Barrel...the store there is so dang cute! Definitely going back soon. That night we had homemade fondue, which was delicious! And we played games and laughed so hard! It was way fun.

Steph had to try Cheerwine, a Southern soda. (She said she didn't like it better than Dr. Pepper)

Sunday we had church. After church I had a lasagna ready. We ate and sat around and talked until Steph had to leave :( I was so sad to see her go but so happy we got to spend some time together.

With my silly kiddos
I love this girl!!

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